Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sarah's Paper Prewriting

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In the last scene of the play, Shakespeare introduces how nature can change
2. In my notes I have been focusing more on identifying themes and how they are developed throughout the play. I have also been trying to look for more rhetorical devices, and more specifically how Shakespeare's use of language helps to develop the themes of the play. 

3. The slack conversation was very interesting, though I will admit that it was sometimes difficult to add to the conversation, this has definitely challenged me to look for new things, and see things differently in the play. It was also cool to see all the different sources people found, and to be able to share them with each other, and I'm sure it will be useful when looking for sources to use in the research paper. It was really cool to see people using Pinterist and many videos and blogs as sources.  

[Policy Claim] Despite the fact that Edmund's Repentance does not change the consequences of his actions men should still repent because of the power it has to change human nature.  

[Causal Claim] Though nature is seen by Edmund to be the cause of his actions, in reality nature nature affects the decisions of people, but does not cause or force them to take action.  

[Comparison Claim] Although Lear and Edmund begin in very different positions in the play, they both experience a change in nature that is similar because it is caused by life-altering events.  

[Definition Claim] Despite Edmund's claim in Act 1 Scene 2 that nature is his "goddess" the play shows how nature is not unchangeable, but rather can change because of great emotional experiences.  

[Evaluation Claim] Even if you cannot change the consequences of your actions, as Edmund couldn't change his, it is still better to repent and receive redemption before death.    


  1. You seem to like the focus on Edmund :) That will probably make it easier when we have to narrow down our essay topic! Don't forget to not use contractions in your thesis statements, by the way. And I totally understand how hard it can be to contribute in Slack; I never seem to be on at the same time as everyone else!

  2. I like your focus on Edmund, he is such an interesting character! I f you stick with him, it will be interesting to see how you spin your ideas to support your thesis, because the effect of repentance and redemption in King Lear is really interesting!