Friday, November 18, 2016

Garrett's Annotated Bibliography (2)

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Working Title: "The Regal Responsibility: A Look at Authority in Shakespeare"
Working Thesis: "Though responsibility is usually seen as something that people choose or accept, Shakespeare's characters show that responsibility is actually the controlling factor in their decisions and lives."

Scholarly Sources:

Bezio, Kristin M.S. "Drama and Demigods: Kingship and Charisma in Shakespeare's England."Religions, vol. 4, 2013, pp. 30-50, academia. edu, _Demigods_Kingship_and_Charisma_in_Shakespeare_s_England.

This article was suggested to me by a classmate. It is about how authority in the kingship affect's Shakespeare's plays and characters, and should be useful in examining responsibility.

Godshalk, L. "Henry V's Politics of Non-Responsibility." Caheirs elisabethains, vol. 17, 1980, pp. 11-20,

I want to dive into Henry V and this article will be a huge benefit. It talks a lot about how he ruled, using this term, "non-responsibility." This idea of not having responsibility will be beneficial for my views on the idea.

Sider, John Wm. "The Serious Elements of Shakespeare's Comedies." Shakespeare Quarterly, vol. 24, no. 1, 1973, pp. 1-11. JSTOR,

I wanted to look at Twelfth Night and its more serious tones. This article talks about some of these ideas, including responsibility. It also has a section on an interesting idea that Polonius was the cause of Ophelia's death, which is fascinating, and could be an interesting look on responsibility in Shakespeare.

Lehnhof, Kent R. "Relation and Responsibility: A Levinasian Reading of King Lear." Modern Philology, vol. 111, no. 3, 2014, pp. 485-509. EbscoHost, pdfviewer/pdfviewer?sid=e017e922-17a4-4a28-b48e-c4d75257c4c9%40sessionmgr4008&vid=2&hi d=4207.

This article focuses on the responsibility of those in King Lear in their relationships. I think this will be invaluable, since it includes an outlook other than just the responsibility in their positions as characters.

Informal Sources

Peter. "Shakespeare on Responsibility." Shakespeare for All Time, 2011, www.shakespeareforallti

Peter, the only name this person went by, talks about how Shakespeare taught him that we have to own up for our responsibility. His ideas, and how he got them, could be useful to me.

sgreen30. "Hamlet's War: Responsibility vs. Passion." Wordpress, 2016, 4/04/28/hamlets-war-responsibility-vs-passion/.

And finally, this blog post focuses on an idea I want to delve into, how does Hamlet's responsibility work in the play? Does his passion take over? This post should be useful to me and answering that question.

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  1. Your thoughts on responsibility as the controlling factor for people are interesting. I look forward to hearing more!