Monday, November 14, 2016

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In my essay, I plan on addressing Christ figures represented in the Romance genre. Title wise, I was thinking about saying something like The Christ Figures in Romance. For my thesis, I would like to focus on the figures, so I think, "Although some may argue that religion is nonexistent in Romances, Christ figures are often represented in texts, which help to further the idea that Northrop Frye suggested when he stated that, "Romance is the Christian genre."



The Winter's Tale. Dir. Jeremy Cole. Perf. Actor's Ensemble of Berkeley. N.p., n.d. Web.

This version has a very interesting representation of the resurrection of Hermione. Also, for it being a Romance, the end of scene three really highlights the switch between the sad to the happy, which is part of what qualifies it as a Romance. 

Quest's "The Winter's Tale. Quest Shakespearean Theatre, n.d. Web.

The Quest's version of the Resurrection scene was also something that I thoroughly enjoyed to see. The differences between their Hermione in "stone" was much less clear than the other, but I enjoyed how they spoke the various lines to really emphasis the importance of Hermione's Resurrection. 
Media or Informal Online Sources

 Garber. "Harvard ENGL E-129 - Lecture 11: The Winter’s Tale." Video blog post. N.p., n.d. Web. 

This is incredible. A Harvard professor's lecture on the tale is featured. She speaks on the resurrection and gives lots of insights for the reasoning behind it.  

Bandgeekendall. "Yes, She's a Christ Figure, Too." Video blog post. Https://, n.d. Web.

This is actually a video simply on Christ figures and it is incredible. The woman specifically mentions Yvain and the Lion, which is very helpful,m as that is half of my topic. Winter's Tale is not specifically mentioned, however, she does mention the importance and meanings behind the Resurrection scenes. 

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  1. Wow, I think there is a lot of power in the last source. I didn't even think that there were resurrection scenes in Shakespeare's plays. But I can see how there are relations to Christ. Maybe a title could be "Religion and Romance Pointing to Christ," "Shakespeare Points to Christ through Romance," or "Romantic Acts of a Savior."