Saturday, November 19, 2016

Grace's Annotated Bibliography (2)

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So for my second blog post, I was really looking to posting my second round of sources, since this was where I drew most of my inspiration for this paper.

Media Sources:

Ereria, Alan. "Kings and Queens of England", BBC, 2004. 

So this source is what really sparked my interest in the similarities between King Lear's character, and earlier British monarchs. I found it to be highly informative, and I enjoyed the flow. 

McKellan, Ian. King Lear. (2008) 

I enjoyed this production of the play, and used it to get a greater feel for Lear's character. It really helps to see the play performed in order to get a good perspective of the characters strengths, flaws, and other traits. It was through this that I really started to see a lot of the similarities between Lear and historic British rulers. 

Academic Sources:

Shakespeare, William. King Lear. 

It's kind of a no brainer, but naturally, I would use Shakespeare and the actual text from the play to help me write my paper. 

Hiscock, Andrew, Lisa Hopkins. King Lear: A Critical Guide. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2011.

This critical guide helps to explicate some of the finer points of the characters in the play, so I can better explain how Lear's character relates to the historical figures I'll be discussing in this paper.

Pearsall, Ronald. Kings and Queens: A History of the British Monarchy. Todtri, 1998.

This history is cited here because I will be using it to iron out some of the finer details on the British monarchy, and give me a different perspective on the history than the documentary I cited in my first bibliography. 

Greaves, Richard, L. Society and Religion in Elizabethan England. University of Minnesota Press, 1981. 

I will be using this source to write with greater understanding of the reception King Lear would have received in Shakespeare's day, and how well versed they were in the history of their own monarchy. This knowledge provides vital understanding in my writing on my point that there is a correlation between King Lear's character, and certain members of the British monarchy. 

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  1. I think your paper will be really interesting - it is such a neat idea to compare Lear to other monarchs!