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Kate's Annotated Bibliography (2)

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The Title I'm Working on now is "Christ Figures throughout Romances" I know Shakespeare isn't referenced, but I will write on more than just Shakespeare so I worry it would be weird to only mention Shakespeare. 



 Bryant, JR. "Shakespeare's Allegory: "The Winter's Tale"" The Sewanee Review 63.2 (n.d.): 202-22. Web.

This article specifically focuses on the Winter's Tale as a Christian allegory. Although it is not specific in focusing in on these aspects in the genre of Romance, it is good for focuses on the aspects of allegory in the tale.

Aldridge, A. Owen, and Northrop Frye. "The Secular Scripture: A Study of the Structure of Romance." World Literature Today 51.1 (1977): 167. Web.

Northrop Frye is awesome. So, this is mostly about Romance being the genre of Christianity. So, this will work well with the first one cited because now we can look at Christian allegories, as a whole, in the Romance genre. This one will be super useful.

Luria, Maxwell S. "The Storm-Making Spring and the Meaning of Chrétien's "Yvain"" Studies in Philogy 64.4 (n.d.): 564-65. Web. 

Okay, so this one dives into the meaning of the tale. And basically, to Luria, the meaning is one of Christian importance. It's pretty ideal. It talks a lot on WHY it should be read as a Christian tale and what elements make it as so. It'll be useful for me.

 Harris, Julian. "The Role of the Lion in Chretien De Troyes' Yvain." Pmla 64.5 (1949): 1143. Web.

This one specifically goes into the Role of the Lion as a Christ-like figure in the tale. It is super useful because it is super specific on different parts of the poem where this is shown, with references and page numbers and all that. Basically, she reinforces the common idea that the Lion IS the Christ figure. 

Social Sources

Dr. Benfell- He is my Romance professor, and he also loves and studies Shakespeare. I could easily ask him about this paper, as a whole. I can check in with him on how well my understandings of the Christ figures are going throughout the process.

Angela- Angela is a fellow Comp Lit student, who is also in Dr. Benfell's romance class. I spoke with her briefly about Hermione as a Christ figure and she had a ton of interesting insights on that. So, that was awesome. 

Brian- I made a FB post about my topic and I had someone comment back on why he doesn't see it as an allegory. It was NOT what I wanted to hear, haha, but actually it gave me some good ideas on some things I should address to make my paper stronger. So, all in all, worth it. 

Mrs. Eichert- My sixth grade English teacher somehow got tagged in my post and ended up writing a really good response. So, that's hilarious. She had some good ideas. 

Sara-I found her on twitter.
She's French and a big Yvain fan. She writes a blog about Arthurian romances, and I tweeted her an and she tweeted me back and gave me the link to her blog. It has a lot of good information, and I know that I can ask if she wants to comment on the lion as a Christ figure. 

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  1. I really like the sound of the Aldridge/Frye source. That seems like it would be really interesting. Also, nice use of Twitter! Do you think you could post a link to Sara's blog?