Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Isaac's Annotated Bibliography (2)

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Here is the continuation of my sources.

Performance Sources:

"MACBETH English Class Project 2013," Santos, Jodee, Kyonna Walford, Anna Waisman, and Lynn Bui. Youtube,

This is a performance of the first scene of MacBeth performed for an English Class. It is performed in a church and has a soundtrack to it, which adds without distracting from the lines. Most of the lines are memorized, although they try to hide a laptop that has some lines for one of the students. This would be an interesting scene to analyze because I could see how students are able to perform. I wonder if I would be able to reach out to them now and see if they feel like it helped their comprehension.

"Shakespeare Class Project," John Lundeen. Youtube,

This is also a performance of MacBeth, although it is not the same scene. It would be nice to find two performances of the same scene so that I could show how students interpret things differently. This particular performance is important because it is done "in the style of star wars," with light sabers instead of swords. This is interesting to note because it allows students the freedom to put the play in whatever form is most understandable to them, while still keeping the integrity of Shakespeare's words and form. This could help as an example of students producing and performing a scene while having it on social media. Neither of these scenes has comments on it, which is too bad.

Social Sources:

[Homie] Daniel Robertson
This is my brother. He graduated with a degree in English and Classical Studies (I think), and has read every one of Shakespeare's plays and sonnets. He introduced me to the "Actors of the London Stage" performance group, which tours playing Shakespeare's plays. I want to talk to him about what helped or what could have helped his Shakespeare learning in high school, and if social media would have had any effect (he's not the most social online).

[Peer] Katherine Moulton
This is a fellow BYU English Teaching major (I think she just declared). Her mom is an English teacher and her dad used to teach at BYU. She has always been a Shakespeare enthusiast, knowing more about Shakespeare than most of the people I know. She would be helpful to bounce ideas off of about pedagogy and her plans on how to teach Shakespeare.

[Enthusiast] Alyssa Dunn
Alyssa Dunn created a slideshow presentation about incorporating technology into education, specifically about MacBeth. This shows her enthusiasm about teaching, technology, and Shakespeare. I would like to hear her thoughts about how this has helped her to teach and her students to learn, and what she would suggest to other teachers in her field.

[Expert] Dr. Pat Enciso
Dr. Enciso is a professor at Ohio State University, who presented a paper entitled, "Surprised into Awareness: Learning to read Shakespeare through Rehearsal Room and Dramatic Inquiry Practices" at a "Teaching Shakespeare for a Change" conference. This would be a good person to reach out to to learn about teaching Shakespeare in general and specifically about performance and social media in learning. I could ask about any research she might have done or interactions with teachers during conferences like these that have opened her eyes to better ways of teaching Shakespeare.

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  1. I thought the lightsaber performance sounded interesting - do you feel that that added to or distracted from the students learning the play? I feel that on one hand connecting something unfamiliar with something familiar can make it learnable, but on the other hand it might overpower the play and make students forget what they're actually supposed to be learning in favor of Star Wars. Do you feel the teacher struck a good balance?