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Mary's Annotated Bibliography (2)

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I think my title has shifted a bit to "The Disregarded Critics in Shakespeare and on Tumblr," but I'm not sure if disregarded is the right word.  I might try somethign like "overlooked."  Also, an alternative wording for my thesis might be,  "Although internet criticism is often looked down for it's informality, the role of the common people in Shakespeare's plays should cause readers to consider the importance of the fresh perspective that critics on sites such as Tumblr provide."  I hope this is more concise, but not more vague.

1. Scholarly Sources

Arellano, Anne Nichole B. "ShakesGAG & 4Speare: Shakespeare Reaches the Net Generation through Internet Memes." Thesis. University of the Philippines, 2014. Asian Shakespeare Association. <
This is a paper that discusses the use of Shakespearean references in memes.  It discusses a little of how these memes analyse the plays and are significant as a study.

Goldsmith, Robert Hillis. Wise Fools in Shakespeare. East Lansing: Michigan State UP, 1955. Print.
This book looks into the place of fools in Shakespeare's plays, especially as they make commentary on events of the play.  This sort of critique is what I'm looking for to compare to those on tumblr.

O'Neill, Stephen. "Shakespeare and Social Media." Wiley Online Library. Literature Compass, 3 June 2015. Web. 18 Nov. 2016. <>.
This sources is an article about how technology is shaping the way Shakespeare is read as people collaborate.  This provides me some insight into how internet analysis of Shakespeare is received.

Patterson, Annabel M. Shakespeare and the Popular Voice. Cambridge, MA, USA: B. Blackwell, 1990. Print. 
This book offers context for Shakespeare's ideas, particularly on government and social hierarchy.  Hopefully, this will help me establish my claim about the common voices in the plays.   

3. Social Sources
[Homie] Megan Young
She’s my roommate and best friend who I discuss things like this with all the time anyway.  She also is on tumblr and knows a bit about Shakespeare’s plays, possibly proving to be one of the “common” voices herself.

[Peer] Maria
Also on tumblr, she’s an acquaintance of mine who is also studying English and is currently in a Shakespeare class.  I think she could help me to refine my thesis and maybe suggest parts of plays that will be helpful.

[Enthusiast] Mya Gosling
A former library cataloger, Gosling now runs a Shakespeare web comic.  I’d like to ask her about her analysis of plays and using the internet as a way of expressing her ideas.

[Expert] Stephen O’Neill

He wrote one of the above articles and others on technology and Shakespeare.  I found a link to email him and I think that he could help me connect the two side of my paper (Shakespeare and tumblr).

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