Friday, November 18, 2016

Sarah's Annotated Bibliography (2)

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Working Title: "Appearance by Design: How Appearance Controls Reality in Much Ado about Nothing and Hamlet"

Working Thesis: Appearance is the dominant force in Hamlet and Much Ado about Nothing because it controls reality by manipulating the characters trust and actions, and eventually changing who the characters are.

Media/Informal Online Sources:

1. Krieger, Leonie. "The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark." 2015. Slideshare. Web. 17 Nov 2016.  <>

This slide show goes over some of the historical context and thematic elements of Hamlet. The part I found most useful was that there were a lot of spies, and spying going on during the time, which caused people to distrust appearances more than before.

2.  La Moda. Shakespeare in your Face. Blogspot2016. Web. 17 Nov 2016. <>

This blog talks about many different themes and topics in Hamlet. At one point he talks about the play Hamlet gets the actors to put on, and the theme of deception through acting and appearance in the play.

Social Sources:

1. Homie- Dan Cunningham
Dan is my uncle who has spent a lot of time reading, I contacted him through Facebook. When I talked to Dan he mentioned the interesting paradoxes that occur when the appearances of the personalities of the characters don't match up with the characters actual personality. He brought up how a this can be true for villains pretending to be good, and for heroes who appear more cowardly than they are.

2. Peer- Samantha Schroeppel
Samantha is a peer from the University of Utah who I met in high school; I contacted her through Facebook. When I talked with Samantha she brought up how many times the appearance of credibility causes the problems in Shakespeare's plays, because the characters trust the wrong people based on how their credibility appears, not how it actually is.

3- Enthusiast- Leonie Kreiger
Leonie is a high school English teacher from Australia, I found a slide show she made about hamlet and sent her a message about it. I'm still waiting to hear back from her.

4-Expert- Vanessa Corredera
Vanessa is a professor at Northwestern University, I found an article she wrote about how the characters in Shakespeare judge each other on Physiognomy. I'm planing to send her an email when I have a more specific question about my paper.  

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