Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sam's Sonnet 130 Recitation

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Guys, this took me about an hour to finally get right and I'm considering making a compilation of all the bloopers/colossal mistakes I made. I'm pretty sure it will go viral and in a few days, Ellen will fly me out to her show and I'll mingle with other celebrities and she'll reward me with a new car or a trip to Europe or something.
But in all seriousness, here is the non-viral version of my assignment.

Sonnet 130 Recitation


  1. Awesome Sam, I enjoyed you "non viral version". I liked how you seemed to consciously read more slowly, that is so hard for me when I'm recording.

  2. Your expression and conscious delivery of each line adds a lot to your interpretation of the poem

  3. I also did Sonnet 130 for my recitation, and I loved the way you interpreted this! I think my favorite part was right out of the gate when you almost laughed a little saying that her eyes are nothing like the sun. Great job!