Monday, September 19, 2016


Share it Please


She came not even one week gone by now,
when life was different and not the same.
Upon my very lips the question, how?
She seemed so perfect and so real, a name
that changed my life, those eyes that shattered me.
My paradigm was shifting and my life
was fleeting as a robin from a tree.
I know not to be glad or filled with strife.
a dollar Tuesdays are no more alas
nor eating out as often as we do.
Is sleeping through the night in the far past?
Is this the life that I would want as new?
But life was nothing to the grandeur here
of my new stage and child I will rear!


  1. How exciting! Congrats! Also, I loved all the questions you included. It helps bring out both the excitement and worries of being a new parent.

  2. This is great! So sweet and simple, but so powerful! It really captures the essence, I think, of changes in and life changing events.

  3. I think in line 9 it should read "as dollar Tuesdays"; and I'm not sure what alas is supposed to mean in this line. I love the picture though. Cute kid.