Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hope in the Wrong

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The television screen is turned to on
As I stare, unprepared to really see.
I’d wearily state my faith is not gone
But f I bet, I'd only have a fee,
"Go, go" the women clad in black may scream,
as masked men cheer in hopes of  victory.
And hopefully this hope is not in dreams;
Reality is contradictory.
The game begins and now whoosh they go.
Past the first, past the next for the win.
Our men go fast and yet are too slow,
as the enemy scores with a grin.
Now I love my team, I do, it is true.
Raiders, come on! Win more than a few. 


  1. I really enjoyed the second stanza, it flows really well, and was entertaining to read.

  2. I like your subject matter. It makes me want to know more about the Raiders!