Monday, September 19, 2016

Bemoan the Careful Paths

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Poetic inspiration can come from anywhere... even a stolen grounds sign.

Bemoan the Careful Paths

Shall I compare you to the white grounds sign?

You are more passive and inanimate.

And while your love is grown by inches, mine

Is dying by the feet. Dispassionate

And led by you, I kept to careful paths.

But I would rather stray to greater plans

Than hide behind some artificial masks.

Your edges dimmed by weather - your words ran

Soft with time. Just like the spark I saw in

You - living on borrowed time. And so our

love is over...a pitiful has been.

And from my mind will slip behind each hour.

        Beware the fall from out of love: bemoan.

        From quandary of broken love you've grown.


  1. Nice job! The comparison of an old, worn out love to a sign that everyone ignores was very clever.

  2. I loved the "grow by inches, die by feet" reference. I think line 9 is off--it only has 9 syllables.

  3. Nicely done! I like the changes you made, it flows a lot better now.