Monday, September 12, 2016

Elise's Draft Sonnet

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Alone he waits while men work hurriedly.
With dusty hair and bloodied face, in grief,
In pain, in shock, awaiting tragedy,
He sits. And there can be no disbelief
About a world of ash-filled skies and pain,
Where brothers die and daughters are demeaned.
In this world, blackened rocks and dead terrain
Are common. Bloodstains and unholy scenes
Surround a people fighting for release;
Release from hate and from calamity.
But time and time again it isn’t peace
That comes off conqueror. It’s entropy.
            There’s something wrong with how we could forget
            About a boy whose playmates are now dead.
I wanted to write a sonnet with an entirely different tone than what we have been reading. I wrote it in response to the viral video/image of the little boy in Aleppo whose village had been bombed.

Writing sonnets is incredibly difficult for me. I did not want the poem to sound sing-songy, but instead I feel like it sounds clunky and forced instead. I ran into a lot of trouble with the rhymes, and I'm afraid I used enjambment just to get said rhymes. It seems pretty contrived. Punctuation was also difficult.


  1. It's true your sonnet isn't super sing-songy, but I feel the clunkyness fits the tone, and subject well. I might remove the coma after tragedy in line 2, and add a coma in line 10 after hate.

  2. I think that in line 7 the iambic pentameter might be off because the stressed word is "in," not "this." But I could be wrong; I don't really have an ear for it.