Monday, September 12, 2016

Sam's Draft Sonnet

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I tried to write this poem for you, my dear
But the dogs ceased not to bark and wind move.
I sat for hours, in thought of love and cheer
In search for words that played our story smooth.
The daylight sank and moon came out four times
as I rehashed and threw my pen again
in search of perfect and untiring rhymes;
But nature favors not the time of men.
'Tis nature, sure, that poetry inspires,
With songs of growth and freedom in the air.
Humans, we have great and strange desires,
But even we can't force an art so rare.
     My love for you beats all that time demands,
     For this I know 'twas made in nature's hands.

This sonnet really did take me four days to write. I started directly after class on Thursday and couldn't even write anything down until Monday night. It was the struggle of writing a sonnet alone that inspired the sonnet that I ended up writing.


  1. The first two lines have 11 syllables... and in line 11 the iambic pentameter is off. The first syllable is stressed in "human."

  2. I agree with Kevin on the first two lines having 11 syllables. However, I really like the story of this so just fixing that up should make everything great. Great poem!