Monday, September 19, 2016

The Creature Inside

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Last night my friends sent me a text in jest
(A funny meme of Shrek’s protected swamp)
I missed the chance to chortle with the rest
of them because my cognizance was romped
by some internal creature craving sleep!
Is she a fiend, or is she my old friend,
replenishing my energy to keep
my time well spent when time I have to lend?
The real dilemma’s that I have no choice!
The creature calls; I have to leave my post
No matter where I am, I lose my voice
and animate ability is toast!
    I hope my friends can pardon me this fault:
    It’s half past eight; I'm sorry, I must halt.


  1. Your sonnet is peculiar, and refreshing, and fun. And I applaud your use of "chortle." It's such a struggle for me to find something to write about and I love that you took something so simple and turned it into a sonnet.

  2. I liked your line "cognizance was romped." I think that line 13 is off because the you stress the first syllable of forgive when naturally the second syllable is stressed.

    1. Thanks Kevin! I obviously missed that. Luckily, "pardon" fits in there.

  3. I love this so much. Because, it's so fun. The word choice (chortle especially) makes it so exciting and also I relate to wanting to sleep. Just, all the time.