Monday, September 19, 2016

Rachel's Adventure of Reading

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An Adventure of Reading

Around the windy poplars, books do lay
and we sit in the midst, adventures full
and wonderous. For in these pages stay
the life line, or heart, of a book's whole soul.
People need not fear, for their love is near
and always present. Pages are then turned;
imaginations seep with joys and fears - 
The stories in books can bring magic; learned
from youth to youth as empires rise and fall.
But deep within a new and lovely life
is found. A life that's filled with truths for all -
For books are filled with love and peace and strife.
And now: for all who enter into books
take care - adventures await; souls to hook. 


  1. I really liked your rhymes and the sonnet really seemed to capture what reading is all about!

  2. I think we can all relate to this on some level as English majors! I love the imagery of what can be found between the pages of every book. I'm imagining the words illustrating a picture of the story...

    This is a better description of what I'm thinking :)