Monday, September 19, 2016

Timely Inspiration

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Timely Inspiration

Shall I compose this piece for you, my dear,
A timely effort to unveil the truth?
I'll sit for hours with thoughts of love and cheer
And search for words that play our story smooth.
The light will sink and moon rise up three times
and I'll rehash and throw my pen again
in quest for perfect and uniting rhymes,
but Nature favors not the time of men.
It's Nature, sure, that poetry inspires,
With songs of change and freedom in its air.
As humans, we have great and strange desires,
But even we can't force an art so rare.
     My love for you beats all that time demands,
     In this, I know it formed in Nature's hands.


  1. I thought about writing a sonnet about how I can't write sonnets...but now i'm glad I didn't because you did that but also turned it into a really great and thoughtful message and you would have put my pitiful attempt to shame. Also, I really enjoyed your final couplet. Good Job!

  2. I think we can all relate to what your poem was saying about the struggle of trying to have poetry come naturally when usually it doesn't.

  3. Wowza this sonnet is very nice. "As humans, we have great and strange desires." <-- This line!! I love it!! Tattoo it on my bicep!!