Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hanann's Informal Research for Sonnet 106

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Formal: I chose Critical Survey of Shakespeare's Sonnets by Robert C. Evans.This survey is thorough and yet keeps to simple, solid analysis on how the poem tries to immortalize beauty.


Informal: I chose Wikipedia. It includes structure, a synopsis, and other references. I also want to use sparknotes because it breaks it down in modern English.

Media: I chose this painting because it reflects the idolized beauty of this time period that Shakespeare is channeling almost spiritually into his poem.

Image result for middle age beauty painting

Face to face: I’ve scheduled a meeting with my Professor, Paul Westover who is a poem and British Lit lover. He’s already given me good insight about how Shakespeare was a friend with Edmund Spencer who loved the middle age beauty.  


  1. I don't see the image, but I do like the idea of looking at another poem that talks about the immortality of beauty as opposed to Shakespeare's time sensitive beauty.

  2. I think that using your professor as a resource is a really good way to interact with the text on a different level, especially where he has done a lot of research himself.

  3. I agree with Abigail, meeting with your professor is a great idea! I also like how you went to Wikipedia for your informal source. I think we look over it way to much, so I like how you're seeking it out.