Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Sonnet: To What An End

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*Before I get to the sonnet, I just wanted to say how much I loved this assignment. Back in high school, I thought I was a bit of a poet, (admittedly a poor one) and it was nice to get back in that vein. I had never written in iambic pentameter before, but I found it to be a refreshing and pleasantly challenging exercise.

To What An End

To what an end these means may justify?

What purpose, the, could such an effort serve?

Where all is ripped apart, left to the sky,

To wind and weather, wounded, open-nerved.

If truth will out, why then do lies pervade,

Tenacious in their grasp of human-kind:

So helpless to resist it men are made,

That day by day, we languish in its bind.

Yet, by dear heaven, I would be deceived—

Yes, blinded to assert that falsehood stands.

We see the lies, but must they be believed?

I say the time for truth is nigh at hand.

              And then, and last, we all will come to know

              The reason and the rhyme of all our woe. 

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  1. "Open-nerved" is such a striking thought. When a body is "ripped apart" I usually think of exposed nerves--which really can be perceived similarly but for some reason I feel like the implications are different. Like the nerves were already exposed before the wounds were there.