Monday, September 12, 2016

Elise's Informal Research for Sonnet 141

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Alexander Perry shared his opinion of Sonnet 141 with me.

1. Steele, F. J. (2004). Shakespeare's SONNET 130. The Explicator, 62(3), 132-137. Retrieved from
The scholarly source I chose is actually a short article analysis of Sonnet 130. Both sonnets treat love in an unconventional way, and so it will be interesting to compare and contrast the two.

2. Free Poem Analysis has an article specifically devoted to Sonnet 141. This helps me incredibly because I was unable to find very many scholarly articles dissecting sonnet 141. Apparently, it is not as popular as Shakespeare's other sonnets.

3. I thoroughly enjoyed this recording of Sonnet 141 being performed by Ben Crystal. His facial expressions and tone of voice reflect the desperation, confusion, and sometimes utter strangeness of the sonnet.

4. For my last source, I read and discussed Sonnet 141 with my fiance. He found the poem comedic and cute. Which reminds me that not all people are as easily offended as I am. Though the poem may be a bit heavier than its counterpart (Sonnet 130), it can still be read with good humor.

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  1. I don't think that I've ever studied this particular sonnet. I think that it's a great idea to compare it to sonnet 130. That's the sonnet that I'm doing for my analysis. I think it would be easy to list the similarities, but i wonder what different themes would you be able to find between them.