Monday, September 19, 2016

Sk8 D8

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Oh how I wish to get away today
and skate the bad emotions from my heart.
Although I know that if I leave I’ll pay,
I want the joy I find within my art.

I thought to be adult was to be free,
not burdened by responsibility.
I found that freedom is a guarantee
For when I skate, my troubles always flee.

My love and passion for my hobby now
transform the rink into a holy sphere.
You see, my talent does for me endow,
The time I’ve spent in peace and beauty here.

I’ll skate without restraint at every chance,
because I’ve learned this makes my life a dance.


  1. I like how this is totally relatable. Especially for our age, we all know exactly what you're saying because we've all felt the same way. Love the theme!

  2. I love that you chose something Simple to write about, but that is obviously something you care about deeply. Its not just a hobby to you but something that is an intrinsic part of you.

  3. This is great! I think it is a great reminder that we all need to step back and reflect sometimes. Life definitely gets crazy.

  4. Skate is life. I agree with you there. I like that you weren't self-depreciating or apologetic about your apparent love for skating. It was simple and straight-forward. Great sonnet.

  5. In the second stanza, the rhyme scheme is the same (CCCC). I think that's okay?

  6. I like the theme of art being liberation