Monday, September 19, 2016


Share it Please
The first of kisses: guarded, but long-sought.
It's clear desire--the spark is in his eye.
Secluded in a basement, dark and fraught
With tension thick between a girl and guy.
He grabs my face with force; he does not ask
If I am ready. No, he pushes hard.
First lips, then teeth, then tongue--he has a task.
The last naivete I have is marred.
He pulls away and grins with boyish pride;
Upstairs he runs, then drives into the night.
Alone, I blush, then face my mom inside
Where she reveals the truth with great delight.
Oh how I rued the days that we had dated
When mom explained that we two were related!


  1. Wow, that was definitely a twist that I did not see coming! Your sonnet manages to be upsetting, morbid, and kind of funny all at the same time.

  2. I didn't realize that you had included naivete. That's quite the word to fit into a sonnet, but it actually fits. Love the stresses on lips, teeth, tongue. Great volta, especially with the feminine endings. Wonderful work.

  3. I really like the morbid suburban pastoral mixed with the oral imagery. It makes you really reconsider things like family and dating relationships, which I think is what a good volta is supposed to do.

  4. Your use of enjambment is on a different playing field from most of ours. WOW. I am very impressed.

  5. WOOOOOOOOOOOOW, my roommate said this was literally one of the best modern sonnets she has ever heard, personally I really feel bad if this is true. Its a well done sonnet but it made me cringe and then laugh, so I hope that's what you were going for!