Monday, September 12, 2016

Brett's Informal Research on Sonnet 106

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1. Traditional Scholarly Source: A Critical Survey of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. I accessed this book online through the HBLL databases, and found an analysis regarding justly “capturing and conveying of beauty,” which this sonnet focuses on. This source also examines the passing of time in the sonnet, which was something I had not focused on in my pre-analysis.
·         Evans, Robert C. "Sonnet 106." Critical Survey of Shakespeare's Sonnets.Hackensack: Salem, 2014. n. pag. Salem Online. Web. 12 Sep. 2016. <>.
2. Informal Online Source: No Fear Shakespeare from Sparknotes. Even though there was no analysis, only a modern interpretation, this source put the text into words that helped me consider things from another point of view. One of their descriptions that I particularly liked was “If the writers hadn’t been divinely inspired with this gift of prophecy, they wouldn’t have had the skill to describe your worth.” For some reason, the first few times I read this sonnet, I missed the meaning of “divining eyes” (line 11).
3. Media Source: Even though I watched multiple Youtube videos, found a Prezi slideshow, and searched for pictures with the text or a visual interpretation, there wasn’t much to be found about Sonnet 106. The various reading of the sonnet are good quality and enjoyable, but didn’t bring much insight to my thoughts. You'll see by the screenshot included that I watched quite a few videos, there are more than I couldn't show in one picture. One reading that I did particularly enjoy, however, was Tom O’Bedlam.

4. Social Source: I asked my sister to read this sonnet and give me her thoughts on it. Her comments highlighted a reading that I had not considered—Shakespeare could be writing in a condescending tone. He’s almost saying “look at all these writers, focusing one beauty when the world around us is full of beauty. Of course none of us have enough skill to praise this one beautiful person, we’ll all be comparing ourselves to each other at every turn!”

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  1. I think your sister's observation is really good. I wouldn't have seen it that way either.