Monday, September 12, 2016

Riley's Draft Sonnet

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I found the experience of writing this sonnet comparable to banging my head against a wall; and may I take this time to apologize for the many times today that I cursed Shakespeare in my head.

I dedicate this sonnet to the BYU-I  grounds sign I found in my fireplace - I have no idea how it got there.

Shall I compare you to the white grounds sign?
You are more passive and inanimate.
Although your love is grown by inches, mine
is dying by the feet. Dispassionate
and led by you, I kept to careful paths.
But wander yet I would rather do than
water wilted seeds - tend to open scaths.
Your edges dimmed by weather - your words ran
soft with time. Yet I can't bear to part with you
So I'll mount you on my wall. I'll muse
of times passed fondly - bid the last adieu.
From now on, I'll know better who to choose.
         Those who fall in out of love - do not despair
         When faced with someone new you can compare.

And please, I know there are a million things wrong with this sonnet, so correct me as you see fit. The syllables are off....and the rhyme too seemed forced.

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  1. Riley, this is super fun! I love that it's a spin off of "shall I compare you to a summers day!" Great back story. As for the syllables, they seem fine until the last quatrain, lines 9-12. Then it's a little off. But I think the flow works!