Monday, September 19, 2016

Isaac's Sonnet: "Rain, Not Dew"

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Rain, Not Dew

A drop of water baptized me today,
as I was walking by some campus trees.
What power did they hold within their leaves
to Christen me and send me on my way?
I felt it drip behind my ear--halfway
to soaking in my collared shirt. Oh please
be sign of some great changing cosmic breeze,
reprieve from self-rejecting hate. And may
I find in me again a peaceful mind,
one willing to forgive and to forget.
Lend me the strength that nature has to break
the longing for a life that's past behind.
My hope is simply champing at the bit.
Trees do not have the power to give and take.


  1. You fixed the iambic pentameter! Isaac, I'll say it again. You are the master of form and I bow to you.

    1. Oh you're too nice. Thanks so much!

  2. I have to agree. Your form is excellent and your content is clever. I also like your use of enjambment; the flow is really nice.

  3. Beautiful petrarch sonnet! It makes me sad, because the drop wasn't really enough to wash away the turmoil ;(