Monday, September 19, 2016

Beyond the Bars

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Beyond the Bars 

Imposing bars have found their way inside My mind,
and though I try I know not why 
Their icy touch becomes the great divide 
Despite my tries to get outside, I sigh, 
And doubt I'll ever have the strength I need 
To break or bend or rend this quarantine 
That keeps the real me trapped, and so I plead 
With bars that mock me with the space between. 
I look Beyond the Bars and then I see 
A Light whose brightness shines like the divine. 
I reach between in hope to find the key, 
and soon I feel a hand connect with mine. 
The bars depart, the key comes from Above. 
My Savior comes and frees me with His Love. 


  1. I'm curious, why did you capitalize Beyond and Bars?

    1. Mostly because I wanted to emphasize it.

  2. Sarah, your volta blended in so much better in this version. It was a subtle change but it definitely worked. Well done:)