Monday, September 19, 2016

Missing Pearls-Garrett's Sonnet Final Draft

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Missing Pearls

Inside my mind she sits, her eyes a dark
and deeper blue, like waves that crash upon
the shore at night; and now as I embark
across the beach, I know my love is gone.
Upon her shoulders rests her lustrous curls,
that hair that rolled like dunes of sand, and just
as golden brown. We'd search the beach for pearls,
but now, alone, I face the moon through gusts
of wind. Around me couples walk and talk
and laugh together, holding hands together.
I look away despite my ire to block
the tears the stinging salt has brought forever.
It seems that love is like a fickle wave,
but I should not go down into my grave.


  1. You have some great imagery in this sonnet. I can totally picture the whole thing in my mind's eye. I like how your sentences continue on through the lines as well. Good job!

  2. I love the couplet at the end of your sonnet, as it really opens up the meaning of the ocean metaphors. By the way, you are the master of enjambment! I am really impressed, as enjambment just does not seem to come naturally to me.