Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Finding My Space

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Photo credit: Alice Keeler
Just as I feared there is no space. Cars lined 
this street and back, for miles and miles. Unjust 
are parking patrollers who search and find 
poor tired souls whose parking bluff they'll bust. 
A boot or ticket lucky prize, worst case, 
of course, they'll take my car to lock it up. 
A cost far greater then the crime. Disgrace, 
I walk, as guilt penetrates my bitter cup. 
At night in Provo Town, you'll find all spots 
are taken two by two, so selfishly 
by students unaware of giving thoughts. 
A mile at one AM I can't walk safely. 
Let freedom for our parking ring, let's strike 
for parking space we need. Or get a bike.


  1. Karee, very clever! I especially appreciate your title, that is quite witty and not what I was expecting. Well done!

  2. I love it! My favorite line is "Let freedom for our parking ring" because it alludes to a greater, more serious theme although the subject matter isn't as serious.

  3. I really like how you end it. You do a good job of setting up the issue, making it comical while showing that it is important, and then destroy your whole passioned argument with four simple words. Or get a bike. Love it.