Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Gaylie's Analysis of Sonnet 106

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When I look at the writings of old I impressed with the beauty they write of and the beauty of what they wrote. Looking at you, I see that they would have been able to aptly describe your beauty. You could be the one they were talking about, it could all be a tribute to you. Too bad, because our generation couldn't do you justice. They just don't have the skill.


  • lack a real "volta" or turn in the theme
  • plays on the familiar subjects of beauty, time and celebration of the human body
  • use of lists to over emphasize a point
  • time once again kind of a cruel melancholy overseer


  1. I really like how straightforward your paraphrasing is. "Too bad, we couldn't do you justice" just seems very real to me. It somehow makes the context for better for me!I'm interested in how you would further elaborate on time as a cruel melancholy overseer.

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